Something For Everyone


I feel like the beauty of the internet and porn is that there really is something for everyone. Me? I am an experimentalist at heart. Exhibitionist, Domme queen, sadomasochist, with a very occasional switch side (good luck unlocking that one, you probably wont see it with anyone other than my partner – but you can see it at here!)

What I’m into  –

Everything to do with it – adrenaline highs, anal sex,  attention, bare bottom spanking, bare handed spanking, barefoot, begging, bisexuality, biting, blindfolds, body hair, bondage art, bondage tape, boots, breast bondage, breast spanking, breath play, burlesque, clamps and clips, clothespins, clit spanking, claws, cock slapping, cosplay, cunt worship, d/s, damsels in distress, double penetration, erotic photography, exhibitionism, face fucking, face smothering/sitting, face slapping, facial hair, fear, feathers, fetish models, glass dildos, gloves, goth, gut instinct, hair pulling, hands, humor, intellectual intercourse, intelligence, kissing, making home movies, masks, masochism, masturbation, mind fucks, music, mutual masturbation, nudity, photography, piecing, pin-ups, pinching, power exchange, public play, role play, rough sex, scared sexuality, sadism. sadomasochism, sensual domination, sensuality, spanking, spiritual bdsm, squirting, stockings, submission, superheros, tattoos, teasing, threesomes, tit slapping, toes and feet, toys, uniforms. vintage lingerie, voyeurism

Receiving – brats, boot worship, foot worship, male submission

Giving – discipline, female ejaculation, female supremacy, femdom, Mistress/slave, Mistress with strap-on, obedience training, small penis humiliation,